Case Fan(s) Speed dB(A) Case Fan(s) Speed (RPM)
型号类别Number Of Stock FansNoise Dampening DB(A)100%75%50%35 dB(A)30 dB(A)25 dB(A)日期Report
Crystal Series 680X Midi-Tower45.535.228.521.81700/11351370/10001130/855 RPM2019-11-27
iCUE 220T RGB Midi-Tower32.938.630.118.61361/1308/13551137/1097/1122933/898/9192019-12-17
iCUE 465X RGB Midi-Tower32.536.929.320.01515/1540/15101284/1313/12971094/1124/11012019-11-27
Obsidian 500D Midi-Tower23.630.822.912.3*1284/11191067/9302019-11-27
(*) Those measurements couldn't be performed because either the stock fans don't fall into this dB(A) range or their speed cannot be adjusted