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Efficiency, Noise & Beta Testing Services

Besides efficiency and noise level certifications, our lab is also able to provide beta testing evaluations to your products. With several hundred detailed PSU evaluations so far, our personnel is highly familiar with all design and manufacturing stages needed to deliver a product to the market. By utilizing our experience, you will avoid any problems which will be tough (and expensive) to resolve during the final manufacturing stages. 

By exploiting our services, you can check on where your product stands when it comes to its efficiency performance and noise level output. On top of that, we can compare your product with the products that are already included in our rich databases. Besides efficiency and noise measurements, our databases also include all the rest significant performance aspects of a PSU like load regulation, ripple, transient response, hold-up time, PF, etc. This allows us to easily check on how your product fares against the competitions in its category (and not only). We should note that we keep databases for both 115 V and 230 VAC inputs, and up so far, we have evaluated most PSU products that have been released in the market during the last five years, from high-end models to entry-level ones. 

Besides power supplies, we also provide beta testing services for chassis (thermal and noise suppression performance) and for graphics cards where we evaluate the power consumption and noise output, including coil whine, under various operating conditions
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