Beta Testing

Beta evaluations can save you time and money, besides increasing the quality and the performance of your products. Enhance your company's image by utilizing our beta testing services.

You are ready to throw a new power supply or a new chassis into the tough market and want to be sure that you didn't miss anything? We can help you in this by rigorously beta testing your product and providing a fully detailed analysis report that will include its performance on all major areas (PSUs: load regulation, ripple suppression, efficiency, transient response, noise, hold-up time, etc. Chassis: noise and thermal performance, features, design improvements etc) We can also evaluate the build quality and suggest possible changes, that will increase reliability or improve performance. Finally, we can provide you a documented opinion about the unit's usability and find any design flaws that could possibly hurt the product's sales. 

Besides a complete evaluation report, we will compare your product against current competing offerings, commenting on its strong and weak points. Lastly, our detailed overall performance rating, noise, efficiency (for power supplies) and performance per dollar graphs will show you how your products fares against the competition in its category. 
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