Our Team

Aris Mpitziopoulos Eri Grigorelli Socratis Zorotheos
Cybenetics' CEO, Chief Testing Engineer,
Hardware Busters owner and editor in chief, Telecommunications Engineer, PhD Computers Science, Executive MBA business administration and Management, General, Bachelor Cultural Technology & Comminication
Journalist, Cybenetics' HR, Accounting and Logistics
departments and Aris' personal secretary! Project Coordinator, Hardware Busters' Editor, video editor and multitool in general. Computer Software Programming
Database analyst, photographer and photo editor, Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Insurance Science and Master's degree in Applied Statistics

Themis Stamadianos Vasilis Iosifellis George -Theodore Sarimpalas
Master's degree in Production Engineering and Managment, Ph.D. in Computer Science. Test Engineer, Documentation Specialist, and Inventory Manager for Cybenetics LTD Database analyst. Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering T.E. of the department to technological application of the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Heraklion Test Engineer, executes performance
tests at PSUs for Cybenetics LTD. Bachelor in electrical engineering and experience. DIY enthusiast at repairing stuff and creating from scratch

Victoria Constantinou

Photographer and photo editor, Diploma in Computer and Network Technician. Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. Test Engineer, executes performance and noise tests at PSUs, CPU coolers, PC Cases for Cybenetics LTD

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