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Powenetics 的项目提供绘图卡,CPU和SSD / HDDs 更准确的功率测量。 该系统的设计方针考虑下列3个目的:经济实惠, 方便使用并以快速监督提供准确的数据,使用户能够“监测”电力峰值。

The NEW Powenetics V2 is out! 
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Powenetics v2 is a game changer for CPU, GPU, and mainboard power measurements. This is the ultimate tool for every reviewer or highly enthusiastic user who wants to see what is going on with their system in real-time and doesn’t want to rely on inaccurate or low-polling rate software solutions.

The Powenetics v2 has the following sockets/cables:

  • ATX 24pin
  • ATX 10pin (12VO)
  • 3x EPS
  • 3x PCIe 6+2
  • 2x PCIe 12+4
  • 1x Proprierty 4-pin for connection with the PCIe expansion card

There are 13 sensors, and Powenetics V2 can pull 1000 readings from them simultaneously! The resolution is 1mV for Voltage and 5mA for Amperage. The 12V-2x6 connectors can handle up to 60A sustained and up to 150A power spikes of up to 1 ms to cover the PCIe 5.0 transient response scenarios.

The Cybenetics GPU database uses data deriving from Powenetics, mostly the first version, which relied on parts found on the market and not custom-designed ones. This is why the first Powenetics was a huge pain to build, and we couldn’t support it as much as we wanted. Moreover, although it was faster than NVIDIA’s PCAT, much faster, it was still far below 1000 readings per sec (or one reading per ms), and we had to do something about it!

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