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"Mutual respect between Cybenetics and XPG…truly appreciate Cybenetics’ contribution to XPG's PSUs and to the community!"

It is our great honor to work with Cybenetics Lab. Cybenetics offers not only the best certification in the realm of global hardware components but also the most valuable beta testing program in the power supply field. Its engineers have advanced technical knowledge and highest industry standards. Both the ETA performance and LAMBDA acoustics level certifications give our customers a guidance when selecting the products, and the trust in Cybenetics is unwavering because of their unbiased, objective and professional testing report. During the process we’ve expressed mutual respect towards each other, and after years of our partnership, Cybenetics Lab remains our loyal and supportive partner!

— Alvin Chan, Director of XPG Product Development

"With its impeccable laboratory conditions and highly experienced engineers, Cybenetics is the game changer for the PSU industry!"

With its impeccable laboratory conditions and highly experienced engineers, Cybenetics is the game changer for the PSU industry! Cybenetics has provided excellent methods of efficiency and sound-level evaluations that test PSUs under the most rigorous standards. The vastly abundant load conditions that Cybenetics employs in their testing allow them to thoroughly evaluate the overall efficiency of any PSU and provide invaluable feedback for continuous improvement.

Thanks to accurate testing data and detailed feedback from Cybenetics, ENERMAX can continuously provide reliable PSUs for our customers.

Now, with the new ATX 3.0 standard, the PSU industry needs a trustworthy certification more than ever, and we are honored to declare that Cybenetics will always be our go-to tea.rn

— Dio Su, Product Manager at ENERMAX Technology Corporation

"We love to see one certificate that really takes care of the end-users."

There has been no such certificate that canrnbe readable for the end-user for quite a long time. Why? Because those safety certificates dominated by government or national organizations were stuffed by technical and professional words, no matter how detailed the test report was made, only one MARK or ICON was meaningful to the end-user. How can end-users get to know the main specifications they are paying for? Cybenetics make it happen now. Besides efficiency, noise rating also is quoted in Cybenetics. Yet, the review article made by the Cybenetics team is easily readable by hardware enthusiasts worldwide. As a brand owning a production line and a power supply factory (HELLY),1STPLAYER would like to work with Cybenetics more to deliver the best cost and performance.

— Chen Wangyu, Co-Founder of 1STPLAYER

"Cybenetics is, without a doubt, the best lab to work with"

Cybenetics is, without a doubt, the best lab to work with. We can be nothing but grateful for all the effort they put on this project; their work is amazing. They provide impartial and trustworthy evaluations and they have loads of experience, which is supported by a great lab. We have the very first PSU specially designed for Brazil, and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of this team. 

— Gabriel Pichau, Chief Brand Officer

"With Cybenetics' support, we're proud to say that we've created one of the best PSU lines (Project 7) in the world!"

Working with Cybenetics has been a pleasant experience. During the certification process, the Cybenetics team doesn't just stop at bare minimum. They really go the extra mile to provide us with thorough information and accurate testing results. The thing that stood out the most is their impeccable attention to detail. They leave no stone unturned in making sure that our PSUs meet our high standards of quality. With Cybenetics' support, we're proud to say that we've created one of the best PSU lines (Project 7) in the world! We can't wait to work with this team again in the future.

— Billy Jiang, PSU Product Manager

"Employing the beta testing engineering services of Cybenetics labs has been an excellent investment so far."

Employing the beta testing engineering services of Cybenetics labs has been an excellent investment so far.  The idiom “need another pair of eyes” is true in engineering as much as anywhere else. At Corsair, we maintain high performance and low failure rates by having very strict requirements in performance, design and construction and back this with extensive testing in our labs. Using Cybenetics adds an additional layer of testing that provides invaluable data back to our team that allows us to further refine and better our power supply products. Cybenetics has been able to pin-point corner case efficiency issues, noise issues and build quality issues in engineering samples that we may have otherwise missed. And the ETA efficiency and LAMBDA noise level certification programs give our customers the confidence that they are purchasing the most efficient, quietest products available.

— Jon Gerow (AKA Jonnyguru), Director of Power Supply Engineering

"For me, no doubt, they are the best."

I would like to register my recognition and admiration for Cybenetics & Powenetics, especially to Aris, the Chief Test Engineer, for the highest technical knowledge and ability in his work. For me, no doubt, they are the best.

— Ronaldo Buassali, Overclocking Legend, Chief Executive Officer at TecLab, Head of Latin America at Galaxy Microsystems

"It is a huge privilege to have them as partners."

It is a huge privilege to have them as partners. Cybenetics offers the best certification in the scene of the world-wide hardware. Its engineers have vast technical knowledge and high standards, combined with moral and trustworthiness. We feel honored in being part of action with the Cybenetics team, owners of the only trustworthy certification for power supplies.

— Jacson Schenckel, Editor in Chief

"Cybenetics Labs is one of the most professional testing organization..."

Cybenetics Labs is one of the most professional testing organizations within the Power Supply Unit industry. With the unparalleled experience and extensive knowledge on PSUs, Cybenetics labs is able to provide the most detailed and honest evaluations. 

— Romeo Wu, PSU Product Manager

"Cybenetics is the authority we entrusted with testing power supply products."

As a leading power supply manufacturer in the world, FSP Group has been committed to delivering the best quality since founded. Cybenetics is the authority we entrusted with testing power supply products. They have the state-of-the-art testing equipment as well as a rigorous structured methodology that ensured the most precise results presented. With their professional test results, FSP Group can easily identify the area to improve, and invest in more R&D resources to design better power supplies. We will definitely continue our cooperation with Cybenetics in recognition of their competencies in power supply testing.

— Senior Global Retail Product Manager, Joey Cheng

" It is fair to say that the overall PSU industry has improved because of the efforts made by Cybenetics Labs."

Cooler Master’s main objective is to provide end users with products that meet their needs safely, reliably, and effectively. This is a constantly changing and evolving challenge that would not be possible without groups like Cybenetics Labs. We can’t meet the needs of users if we don’t know what those needs are. The most valuable part of working with Cybenetics Labs is the feedback we get from them. Their thorough testing methods, advanced testing software, and general knowledge of power supply performance and engineering allows them to provide us with information about our products that normal users simply could not give us even if they wanted to. A good example of this is how they are one of the only certification companies currently validating the entire list of ATX specifications in their testing. This invaluable feedback is vital for the development and improvement of current and future products. And this is true for all brands that work with Cybenetics Labs and take their feedback seriously. It is fair to say that the overall PSU industry has improved because of the efforts made by Cybenetics Labs.

— CT Huang, Power Business Unit Product Development Manager

"We highly recommend Cybenetics."

We, at Sea Sonic, take pride in the quality and performance of our products. When Cybenetics presented us with a new method of efficiency and sound level testing and certification, we immediately embraced the opportunity to test our power supplies according to these standards. Unlike 80 PLUS, which is an excellent certification to provide a general guidance about power supply efficiency, Cybenetics uses nearly 24,000 different load conditions to define the overall efficiency of the power supply. Using a larger number of test measurements highly increases the accuracy of testing by taking into account a wider array of load conditions that can possibly occur during operation. Contrary to 80 PLUS, Cybenetics also provides precise sound level testing results, knowing that consumers nowadays consider the noise level of PC components to be an important criterion when making purchase decisions. We highly recommend Cybenetics.

— Walter Sun, Director Global Marketing

"The Powenetics Project has enabled me..."

The Powenetics Project has enabled me to accurately track and measure how much power each graphics card I test is drawing. Previously I could only measure the total power draw of my test system as a whole - so I would only get one figure with no futher breakdown. Now I can run the Powenetics Project and get thousands of readings for just the graphics card - meaning I can produce far more accurate and useful results from my testing. The integration of GPU-Z also provides an easy way to track other GPU-related metrics like clock speed and fan speed while I am testing.

— Dominic Moass, Deputy Editor In Chief

"We are grateful that Cybenetics..."

We are grateful that Cybenetics provides high standard laboratory conditions, which lead to professional and impartial PSU platform evaluations, thus providing accurate test data. Let the evaluation of the products on the market be clear at a glance, so that consumers can make the right choice.

— Cherry Chen, Sales Manager

"Cybenetics has consistently delivered exceptional testing engineering services to NZXT"

Cybenetics has consistently delivered exceptional testing engineering services to NZXT. Their reputation for fair and reliable evaluations, supported by extensive technical expertise with Power Supplies, is invaluable to our team. Cybenetics\' meticulous testing methods have enabled us to refine our PSUs, ensuring high performance, low failure rates, and adherence to stringent requirements. We are grateful for Cybenetics\' dedication and commitment to quality, which have significantly contributed to the overall improvement of the PSU industry.

— Johnny Hou, CEO, NZXT

"Collaborating with Cybenetics Lab is a tremendous privilege for us."

Collaborating with Cybenetics Lab is a tremendous privilege for us. Cybenetics not only provides the finest certifications for hardware components but also offers an invaluable testing program in the power supply domain. Their engineers possess advanced technical expertise and adhere to the highest industry standards. Armed with their professional test outcomes, MSI can easily pinpoint areas for improvement and development for designing superior power supplies. Throughout our partnership, mutual respect has been evident, and even after years, Cybenetics Lab remains a loyal and supportive collaborator.

— James Yeh, Vice President

"The processes and rigorous testing made by Cybenetics are a reference point."

The processes and rigorous testing made by Cybenetics are a reference point when purchasing a Power Supply source. The multiple detailed tests that have been carried out on our products speak of the professionalism that characterizes them.


As a brand, we seek that our products meet the quality standards that the market demands, which is why we are very excited to have this certification. This forces us to create more and more products that meet these standards.


Anyone looking for support when purchasing a power supply should rely on the Efficiency and Noise Certificates issued by Cybenetics.


— Gustavo Alejandro Velarde Romo, Marketing Manager

"Cybenetics goes above and beyond..."

The idea of having a reputable and experienced power supply testing team conducting detailed testing for certification was a great one that we immediately thought to join upon hearing about it. The service we’ve received since has been wonderful, Cybenetics goes above and beyond to make sure we were always well-informed every step of the way during their certification process.

— Tony Ou, Marketing Manager

"The definition of Success is when expectation meets execution! "

Both are possible only with the team of Cybenetics, super well-educated and business-supported folks! The only way to go is if you want to create a good and reliable product in terms of Power Supplier! Their certificates are out of the league, and they help with their knowledge to improve. What else can you expect from a partner, only the best? Thank you Cybenetics, for all these years of close partnership.

— Tony Sahin, Director Europe

"... we trust Cybenetics"

As a leading company in the global gaming market, we need our PSUs to be up to the higher standards. To ensure not only full compliance with all the market requirements, but also obtain valuable and strict feedback that allows us to bring our products' quality and performance to the limit, we trust Cybenetics. Their professional testing procedure and detailed feedback has been incredibly valuable to us, and we don't hesitate in recommending their services.

— Cougar Gaming

"We will definitely keep working with Cybenetics as the closest certification partner."

We had the chance to cooperate closely recently with Cybenetics, which offers a new industrial standard of our relative products. The result was over our expectations. Cybenetics’ testing program not only helped us saving lots of time on product development but also gave us some special early information regarding our products. In addition, the feedback from Cybenetics is extremely professional and clever; therefore, our engineers were able to adjust the product during the early stages of product development. The expenses on this program will be paid back easily once your product has entered into general market, because your product will be trusted by users in very short period. You will easily see Cybenetics test result on some e-channels such as Geizhals.de and Pichau.com.br...etc. This is the first time we have a certification provider who had followed this kind of strategy. Besides a proof of quality Cybenetics levels are also a great marketing tool for our products. We will definitely keep working with Cybenetics as the closest certification partner.

— Alvin Chan, Director of Product Development

"...Cybenetics is our only go-to place!"

We recently became aware of this wonderful service to help unsure individuals like ourselves to receive excellent lab services for general routine testing at highly affordable prices. We used to pay so much out of the pocket for expensive trial and error testing, and stacking thousands of dollars bills on our costs. Most importantly it was time consuming; we usually need to wait for months to get a result and second opinion. From now on, Cybenetics is our only go-to place! Very Happy!

— Darren Yang & Joshua Chang, Product Marketing Specialists

"Cybenetics performance and noise evaluation offers incredible value..."

Cybenetics performance and noise evaluation offers incredible value to distributors, resellers and customers. The reports have all the information you need to know about the product's position in the market. Checking Cybenetics performance report when setting up new products helps me with initial order and rolling forecast. Independent evaluation is also a great sales tool for convincing key accounts and system integrators. We also add Cybenetics efficiency and noise score to our product descriptions/search to allow users to find the most suitable product easier without leaving our shop.

— Philip Pfab, PSU Product Manager

"Collaborating with the Cybenetics..."

Collaborating with the Cybenetics team allowed Texpert Consulting, Inc. to fully implement the Powenetics measurement suite. A combination of off-the-shelf hardware and custom software now makes it possible to integrate comprehensive power consumption results in the analysis that Texpert Consulting provides to clients, such as Tom’s Hardware.

— Chris Angelini, Texpert Consulting & Former Editor in Chief

"Cybenetics provides be quiet! with invaluable services…"

Cybenetics provides be quiet! with invaluable services, from pre-sample testing and verification of results to certification. Our relationship is cemented by many years of working with Aris, even before Cybenetics was created. Having a sparring partner at eye level to discuss engineering challenges and exchange views on current industry trends is incredibly valuable to us.

The Cybenetics certification has become very popular around the world in recent years, and we commend Aris and his team for this achievement. We appreciate that the testing procedures take into account regulations that are important in key markets such as the European Union, ensuring that the certification has a high informational value for our customers and users at home.

— Christian Rex, Head of BU PSU

"Cybenetics is the future of comparable Certification.."

Raising the bar on quality comes down to fairness, professionalism, trust, and a passion for comparable, exact analysis.

Cybenetics represents all that and has already proven the immense value of comparable Certification that can shed light on complex products.

Cybenetics offers manufacturers, reviewers, and buyers a completely new level of transparency, boldly setting new industry standards.

We believe in the huge potential of cybenetics and feel honored to work with such a great partner!

— Roland Gschwender, Product Manager

"We are grateful to be one of the partners with Cybenetics Lab"

We are grateful to have Cybenetics as a partner, since their expertise and methodologies contribute to the improvement of our product\'s performance to the last detail. Their testing procedure, reviews, and reports are of great benefit to our team. It helps us offer top-notch quality products to our clients and exceed their expectations and demands.

As an OEM/ODM manufacturer, we are more than happy that we can continuously create premium-quality products with our global partners through our cooperation with Cybenetics Labs. We are very appreciative and look forward to a future of continuous cooperation.

— Mike Wu, Kinpower CEO

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